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Hello, my name is Dr. Tiger and I’ve been a Jackson Hole local for 28 years and have helped locals, visitors of Jackson, and even some pets get back on their feet. I can help with back pain, neck pain, along with many other symptoms.

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We can help you get back on your feet quickly so you can get back on the slopes, golf course, tennis court, or whatever activity you have been sidelined from because of back, neck, shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain.

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Happy Customers

Tiger is great…he was the first chiropractor I’d ever seen and made me feel very comfortable.  I was pretty nervous and he put me at ease.  I hurt my back last year, not really sure how but I think I was using poor form during some aggressive ab workouts.  Anyway, he fixed me right up.  He really knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone.

Lady T.

Doc is the bomb. Starts out with “what did you do this time”
Hate to go but he ALWAYS makes my back feel better.

Albert B.

I hurt my neck bicycling while on vacation. Dr. Tiger was recommended by a local massage therapist. He got me in by 11 am Monday morning. Wow, what a great session. He helped my neck and back plus gave me some very significant tips how to stay injury-free — I’ll use these insights forever. Thanks Dr. Tiger!

Jeanne B.

Great guy! Very informative. Interested in prevention. Scheduling very flexible. Also informed athlete.
Local Icon for good reason!
Alpine Dori

Dori S.

Doc Tiger is so awesome. I worked at Turpin Meadows wrangling. Doc Tiger kept me sound Fit all summer. Doc Tiger is wonderful and each visit is an adventure
He is the greatest.

Ron P.

Fantastic! Asks when you want to come and makes it work if all possible. We were two  out of Townes and he sorted us out and gave us tips which will last a life time. My spouse had just had a knee replacement and put out her back and he fixed her up. Dr. Tiger is a character and also does animals.

Karen. S

Life can be hard enough without having to experience pain on a regular basis. Some people turn to prescribed medication or over-the-counter remedies to help them get through it. Unfortunately, these solutions often come with problems of their own.

On top of that, these short-term fixes can become quite costly rather quickly. Nobody wants to live a life that is ruled by pain or unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who continue living this way because they don’t know that there is another option available.

Believe it or not, there is another answer.

Instead of settling for a life ruled by pain or spending countless dollars on short-term solutions such as pain-relief drugs, you may want to consider giving something more effective, cost efficient, and a lot safer a try.

Dr. Tiger the chiropractor can help you alleviate your pain and once again live a mobile life. Think of how nice it would be to be once again able to enjoy your life and do the things you love to do. With the help of this Jackson Hole WY chiropractor, the pain will never be in control of your life again.

Have you ever wondered what exactly a chiropractor is? The team here at Dr. Tiger Chiropractic would love to answer that question.

Chiropractic services are an alternative form of pain management. When a person’s joints or spine become misaligned, it causes pressure to be placed on a person’s nerves. This results in pain that one can feel in different areas of the body.

If you would like to give a long-term and medication-free solution a try, you should seriously consider giving our chiropractic office a visit. We use highly efficient methods to realign a person’s joints and spine. The idea behind chiropractic practice is that certain manipulations of a person’s body can promote pain relief as well as enhanced mobility.

Dr. Tiger’s treatments are hands-on. He will shift your body in well-researched ways. Upon doing this, natural healing is promoted within a person’s body. In many cases, this can eliminate the need for surgery or medication.

His ability to manage pain is wide spanning. In fact, this chiropractor in Jackson Hole is capable of helping people alleviate the pain associated with naturally occurring pain as well as issues that may be caused by sports related injuries, certain diseases such as scoliosis, and can even help those who suffer from the debilitating symptoms of chronic headaches.

The benefits don’t stop there. Research has shown that other issues such as fibromyalgia and even osteoarthritis can be treated naturally with the help of a chiropractic deep tissue massage.

You should be cautious when choosing a chiropractor. After all, you want to make sure that you are receiving the best care possible. If you have been searching for a Jackson Hole Chiropractor, search no more. Our practice strives for excellence, and we do everything we can to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. We take pride in our work and seek nothing less than excellence.

Dr. Tiger in Jackson WY has a lot of experience behind him which allows him to be able to deal with many different types of issues efficiently.

Some of the most common problems he deals with would be neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, elbow pain, and even wrist pain. However, this is not where his scope of practice ends.

With the amount of experience and knowledge that Dr. Tiger has, there is no reason to search for another Jackson Hole chiropractic office. This highly skilled chiropractor in Jackson WY will do everything within his capabilities to help you experience a pain-free life.

Just in case you are concerned with the legitimacy of chiropractic services, take into consideration this shocking fact. Each year, there is an estimated 22 million Americans that seek the professional care of a chiropractor.

Why would there be such a high amount of people who use these services annually if they weren’t effective and safe?

Of course, Dr. Tiger is not alone in his field. There are other Jackson WY chiropractors, but if professionalism, customer satisfaction, experience, extensive knowledge, and effective treatments are what you desire, Dr. Tiger is who you need to see.

When searching for a Chiropractor in Jackson Hole, you should also consider the office staff. We want to make sure you feel welcomed and valued when you walk through our front door. Don’t worry, at our office; you will be treated as much more than just a number which is a lot more than other offices can say.

Simply put, we greatly value our patients!

Effective pain relief, professionalism and trusted care can be found with this Jackson Wyoming Chiropractor. We can’t wait to see you!

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